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OCTOBER 6, 1997


Church Gradually the overlake Christian Church in the lower Sammamish Valley is taking shape. Should be ready by Thanksgiving Day, Pastor Steve Walker said.

Oscar Roloff

New Overlake Christian Church taking shape

  by Oscar Roloff
   On Sept. 6, my next door Kingsgate neighbor Pastor Steve Walker said, "Jump in and I'll show you our new Overlake Christian Church that's taking shape in lower Sammamish Valley." I jumped in, as did his daughter Kelsey, age nine, I think. Upon arriving, I saw one of the biggest churches I'd ever seen anywhere else. Huge, fantastic. Steve's father is senior pastor of the Overlake Christian Church and will guide the new one. He's Bob Moorehead with years of experience in his field.
   Steve said the entire church cost around 30 million, seats 5,000, has 27 acres of land and can park 1,700 cars. Also, there'll be 2 church services, Sunday School for children, a Bible college, a youth ministry for teens during the week, two counseling services and a crisis pregnancy center. Plus services for the poor where they can get food and money to pay their bills, programs for the elderly, a gym, a wedding chapel and a three story educational wing, a chapel, a book store, and swift elevators and escalaters. Plus much more.
   The church is close to the Willows Golf Course, formerly the sprawling Aries vegetable farm where once the family had the train stop every day to send produce to Seattle merchants. I knew sons Harold and Harry Aries who had worked on the farm. Then the church idea had not gotten off the ground. Years earlier, an aged man told of skating across the valley in winter time when the entire valley was solid ice.
   In more recent years, friend ex-sailor Perry Cooper used to live up the hill from the new church area. There used to be a small fishing hole there. He too skated in the valley, started fires to keep warm, and enjoyed the winter ice sports offered free in the valley that is now nearly covered by huge buildings.
   As for neighbor Pastor Steve who recently entered the area, he has his church in Bothell along with three assistant pastors. He's going "gung ho" too. Might outrun his father-in-law Pastor Bob Moorehead. Fine people, all. My kind.