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OCTOBER 6, 1997

Local News

Explosion sends one to hospital

  NW News Staff
   BOTHELL--A 26-year-old female suffered a laceration to the head when a pressurized cylinder in a space she was working exploded last Wednesday morning.
   The victim, an employee of Bothell load cell manufacturer Kistler-Morse, was transported to Evergreen Hospital where she was treated and released the same day, according to hospital spokesperson Gail Neubert. Neubert said the victim probably wouldn't need stitches.
   According to Ron Zsigmondovics, Bothell Fire and E.M.S. deputy chief, the victim was in a venting room when a bottle of compressed argon and hydrogen exploded. He described the explosion as pressure-related rather than fiery.
   The building, in the 19000 block of 120th Ave. N.E. near the Seattle Times facility, was briefly evacuated. Kistler Morse employs approximately 70, according to a company official.