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OCTOBER 6, 1997

Local News

Hello, Woodin Creek, goodbye, Trib 87; now behave

  by Andrew Walgamott
   WOODINVILLE--Last week the state approved the renaming of a local creek from the utilitarian Trib 87 to the historically significant Woodin Creek. The new name, approved by the Washington Board on Geographic names, commemorates Susan and Ira Woodin, local pioneers who moved to near the mouth of the creek in 1871.
   The Woodin's ran the area's first post office, school and store out of their home and deeded the land for Woodinville's downtown Memorial Cemetery. Woodin Creek flows down the ravine alongside N.E. 171st St. and emerges from pipes near McDonalds on 140th Ave. N.E. It empties into the Sammamish River after passing by Canterbury Square and through Woodin Creek Park.
   The creek's former name came from the stream being the 87th tributary of the Sammamish above Lake Washington. The new name will be used for Washington state mapping and reference purposes. The geographic board is composed of residents who are experts on Washington's history and geography. In addition, Woodin Creek will be forwarded to the a national board for consideration on federal maps
   In other news, the City Council may insert a sediment trap on the creek this fall. The device, a temporary fix, will remove rocks and debris disturbed during high-flow storm events. In the past, pipes have become jammed with sediment which resulted in flooding on 140th and behind Albertsons. The council will also look at other options to contain the creek such as digging a pond in the ravine or building a high-flow bypass.