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OCTOBER 6, 1997

Local News

Kenmore Public Community Meeting

  NW News Staff
   Come join us for our Public Community Meeting, Oct. 8th at the Northshore Fire Station, NE 181st & 73rd NE, 7-9 pm. This will be informational, organizational, some committees will be formed. Initial needs are a site for a City Hall and recruitment of interested persons for City Council. Our government will be City Manager with a 7 member non-partisan Council elected at large, Mayor from one of these. Filing for Council will be Dec 26 thru Jan 2. Election primary on Feb 3, General on April 28, final government by August 31, 1998.
   A map showing City boundaries is available. Volunteers are needed in all sorts of categories: people with enthusiasm, expertise in a wide variety of areas, knowledge of governmental programs, ideas about your needs and disires as a City, a willingness to help us put together our plans and achieve our goals...
   We will be planning soon for public safety services, parks, roads, surface water management, building and land development, utilities, zoning and building design (we can have our own new regulations). Schools, library, sewer, water will all remain the same. Other utitlites may remain the same or may change upon negotiation. Locally we will now be issuing permits for such as building, pets businesses, and much more.
   For further information, please call us at 206-728-3924.