The Edwards Agency

December 8, 1997


Letters to the Editor

Gratitude for support

 I would like to extend my personal gratitude to my friends, acquaintances, and community members who have offered their encouragement and prayers during recent events.

Senior projects running amok again

 CHS wants this community and everyone else to believe that they have instituted the S.P. as a means of assuring that only quality, well-informed and capable students are handed a diploma with the glorious CHS logo. Bologna!

Treaty would devastate economy

 The purpose of this treaty is to stop the efects of global warming by imposing severe environmental and economic restrictions on only a handful of developed nations, including the U.S., while exempting 132 of 166 developing nations.

Citizens deserve respect from Fire District

 I am so pleased to see that others have discovered what I have been trying to expose on the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District.

Stream restoration needs reality

 When the stream reaches a certain elevation it cuts a new channel. However, society does not allow new channels to form as that will destroy roads, homes and property. Creating major new channels is a point that many "natural resource experts" ignore, perhaps because there is no "natural" solution.

Commissioners must earn respect

 We believe that the commissioners must earn that respect by operating according to the board- adopted guiding principles, supporting the fire fighters who provide so much to this community and answering to the public that elected them.

Slow down and be patient

 What's the world coming to? Everyone always seems to be in a hurry, to go where?

Thanks, Oscar

 I never miss Oscar Roloff's column when I open my Weekly.

All is well in Woodinville

 As most of us watch Woodinville grow, we do so with apprehension. How will we remain feeling like we live in a community where we can help one another, know one another, and be unified as a city?

No quadrupling of assessment

 All taxpayers should leave a message on the King county Council's 24-hour Hotline (206-296-1688) that there should be no quadrupling of the King Conservation District's assessment that appears on the tax statements of almost everyone in King County, including Seattle and Bellevue property owners.

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