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December 8, 1997


Senior projects running amok again

  Well the Cedarcrest High School Senior Project (S.P.) is running amok again. CHS wants this community and everyone else to believe that they have instituted the S.P. as a means of assuring that only quality, well-informed and capable students are handed a diploma with the glorious CHS logo. Bologna! The fact is CHS puts out no more quality students than any other school. Those students who will succeed and move ahead in life are well established before the infamous S.P., and those who aren't do not do a 180 degree turn-around because of it. Be real! Of all the students who graduated last year and jumped through the S.P. hoops, some passed, some failed.
   Some of each of those groups moved on to become successful college students who will make a difference in the world. But the larger number is still hanging out at the gas station in Duvall or standing around smoking outside the stores in Carnation. Who does the Cedarcrest High School think it is kidding? The S.P. is a test of NOTHING.! It's a joke. Sure CHS can come forward with a handful of students who will claim the S.P. changed their lives and taught them all about life in the "big world," but then a handful of people also believed that a spaceship was flying behind the Hail-Bop (sic.) comet!
   Get real Cedarcrest.
   Karen M. Hill,