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December 8, 1997


Citizens deserve respect from Fire District

  I am so pleased to see that others have discovered what I have been trying to expose on the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District. What you have just witnessed is only a small sampling of what I witnessed over the past two years. The atrocities of the Board of Commissioners is appalling. The forced termination of Chief Davis, the appointment of "good ole boys" for Commissioners rather than applications being taken, Commissioners with union conflicts of interest, misappropriation of funds for Station 32 and bond money, illegal meetings, discrimination against a commissioner, destruction of public documents, theft of district property by a commissioner, and this list goes on.
   These and other concerns which I have expressed have never been for personal reasons, but rather only for concern over what is happening in our district by our commissioners. I am delighted others are now showing those same concerns, thank you. Fire district information (except for personnel issues and a few other items) is public information. Something is wrong when the public takes time to come to a meeting and express concerns and are given a "gag" order. Questions asked during those meetings should be answered publicly and the citizens should be treated with respect, something that the commissioners feel they deserve but are not willing to earn or show in return.
   Several of us gave it our best shot at a recall, but due to not understanding the entire process and being told one set of the rules going in and finding out that when you got to court there was another set we were not successful. I am sure that all of us would be happy to pass along our experience and assistance in helping another effort at a recall. For those of you who are just learning of this mess, don't go away. Our only hope is to continue to try to rid our district of these individuals who are causing all this havoc.
   Mary Baum,