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December 8, 1997


Slow down and be patient

  I was in the Woodinville Payless Tuesday 11/25 (at night), in the Pharmacy. It was very, very busy and the employees were doing the best job possible. We were all waiting for our prescriptions and most of the people waiting were extremely rude to each other and the employees. I was with my two small children and found myself explaining to them how everyone's in a rush and no one has patience anymore, and that's wrong! I thought the saying was, "Patience is a virtue.," not to be rude and things go quicker. What's the world coming to? Everyone always seems to be in a hurry, to go where? Either we have someone tailgating or someone pushing through in the grocery store. We all need to slow down and take a moment to smile at one another and realize that life has a lot of beauty to offer. It only takes a minute to smile or help someone and treat people with kindness.
   I'd like to commend the workers at Payless, they take so much abuse, yet they're always very polite to everyone. It hurts my heart to think these workers go home and cry or don't get to enjoy their families because someone ruined their day. Enclosed is a poem I wrote and hope it's printed. Maybe if everyone reads it, they may stop and think before snapping off to another human being. We all have a heart and all feel pain. P.S.. I feel one person can make a difference!
   Thank you,
   Julie Dougherty