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December 8, 1997


All is well in Woodinville

  As most of us watch Woodinville grow, we do so with apprehension. How will we remain feeling like we live in a community where we can help one another, know one another, and be unified as a city? I want to reassure you that this is still happening in spite of all the new building and traffic. On Dec. 4 as I was driving to work, my tire blew out; it was shredded. I was able to have someone help me put the spare on, but was faced with getting a new tire. Recently divorced and a single parent going to night school and during Christmas time, things seemed very stressful to me. I called Goodyear in Woodinville and explained my situation. They were waiting for me when I got there and found some used tires to put on my car. I came to pick up my car and was told there was no charge and not to worry about when to return the tires.
   This is the type of good deed that as the recipient is hard to express gratitude for, but it made me realize that with businesses like that in Woodinville, even with all the new ones coming, we can still remain a community and help one another. Happy Holidays Goodyear and Happy Holidays to one and all in Woodinville. I thank you!
   Wendy Tabb,