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December 8, 1997

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Grace lights up tree


  Andrew Walgamott/staff photos
   Last Friday night was an evening for laughs, camaraderie and caroling as the mystical township of Grace lit up it's Christmas tree and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus made a surprise visit to the delight of all. About 200 gathered at Hughes Printing for the festivities and fifth annual lighting of a tree lauded as the tallest Christmas tree in America. After warming everyone with hot apple cider, dignitaries from the mythical township of Grace then bestowed a number of humorous titles, including "Town Mangler" to Roy Rainey, Woodinville's city manager. "The most important thing we do in Grace is have fun, and we take that seriously," Terry Jarvis, mayor for life told the crowd. Winners of Kokanee Elementary's snowflake contest were announced, and then, with the help of the students, the 1,200 light 122-foot tall Douglas fir was lit up.
   Santa arrived shortly after in a four-door Buick. And while the old elf signed autographs and Mrs. Claus handed out candy-canes to the kids, the adults joined in singing Christmas carols. Harold Lind and others brought a bevy of Grace-hounds, greyhounds dressed up as reindeer. Jarvis wished everyone a "Grace-ful Christmas." On Dec. , the City of Woodinville begins their Christmas festivities at City Hall.