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December 8, 1997

Local News

Neighbor with child's toy helps prevent house fire


Andrew Walgamott/staff photo
   A Woodinville firefighter comforts a young girl whose house caught on fire last Thursday afternoon.

     by Andrew Walgamott
   WOODINVILLE--A neighbor's quick work with a water hose and a children's toy bucket helped put out a fire before it spread into the walls of a Woodinville Heights home last Thursday afternoon. "He was a big help and saved the house from further damage," Wally Holstad, Woodinville fire investigator said of Dave Anderson's actions. "He did a good job." With beads of water still on his eyeglasses after helping put out the fire, Anderson said he had been picking up his mail when a neighbor three doors down screamed for him to call 911.
   Anderson called and then making his way to the back of the house, found siding and deck boards on fire. A water spigot there was enveloped in flame. Connecting a hose in the front yard that wouldn't stretch to the back, Anderson said he filled a child's toy bucket with water four times, suppressing the fire until Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District crews arrived at the scene. Anderson also revived the homeowner who had passed out in her front yard before fighting the fire. The King County Fire Marshall's office determined the fire to have been caused by "discarded smoking material" that fell between deck boards and the siding of the home, according to Holstad. He termed it "an accidental fire." Damage was estimated at $10,000 by the county.