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December 8, 1997

Local News

Planners send UW campus plan to Hearing Examiner

  BOTHELL--Last week, the Bothell Planning Commission voted 5-2 to have a hearing examiner hear the final UW/Cascadia branch campus planned unit development designs."Although a majority of the Planning Commission felt that it would be desirable for the Planning Commission to hear this for application of zoning code recommendations, it was concluded that there was simply not enough time on the commission's calendar to hear this," said Jerry Pyle, commission chairman. Bill Wiselogle, community planning director, said the final PUD will show more detail with a campus plan and what the buildings will look like. Though the designs are technically conceptual, refinements are possible.It is unknown when the hearing examiner will hear the PUD. The preliminary PUD was heard in 1996. Target date for opening both campuses is Sept. 2000, according to Wiselogle.