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December 8, 1997

Local News

Police warn businesses: new burglary method hits town

  WOODINVILLE--There's somebody out there with an inexpensive power tool that can defeat most door locks and police want you to know about it. Woodinville Police Sgt. Rich Krogh says an unknown suspect or suspects used an unconventional tool to neutralize the bolts and locking pins of a door on a construction trailer in the 14100 block of N.E. 190th St. sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday. Laser survey equipment, electronic levels and power tools were taken from the trailer.
   Sgt. Rich Krogh didn't care to detail how the burglar broke in, fearing copycat crimes but he has taken steps to alert businesses across town of the crime via faxed notices giving the heads up on the method. This new form of entry has caught officers by surprise. "There have been other cases where such a [tool] was used but not in this way," Krogh said. Though he added that there was no reason to panic, he said it did worry him. As far as protecting property, Krogh suggested business owners engineer security systems around entrances to minimize risks. He also suggested installing alarm systems or close circuit video. For more information on the crime and how to protect against it, call Krogh at City Hall, 489-2700.