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December 15, 1997


Dear Criticizers of the Cedarcrest Senior Project:

  I am a senior at the high school and member of the Riverview School District since Kindergarten, and I would like to tell my side of the story. My only complaint about the senior project is that it is too easy. As students in the Senior Project class we are given guides on how to write a business letter, construct a paper and cite references. This is ridiculous: as high school seniors we should already possess these skills, or at least the ability to find resources that will show us how. I am not blaming the school for teaching us poorly, rather I am blaming the students and parents who do not care enough to get a strong education. I know for a fact that every freshman at Cedarcrest is taught how to write business letters in Keyboarding class and how to write a proper essay and cite resources in their English class, regardless of the skill level they are learning from.
   There is no excuse for the lack of completion of the Senior Project: the deadlines are spelled out and help is available from almost any staff member at school and from the community. The only reason a person would fail the Senior Project is if they plagiarize or lack the skills to write a paper that only needs 75% to pass. If they cannot write a legible essay and presentation, then they do not deserve a high school diploma. I apologize if this sounds harsh: you must take a look at yourself and your view of education if you have a problem with what I am saying. I also have the problem with the letter written by Mrs. Hill: Mrs. Hill wrote it. If this is truly her daughter's grievance, then why does her daughter not write the letter? And by the way, Hale-Bopp is spelled with two "p's."
   Julie L. Beard,