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December 15, 1997


Dear Editor,

  The City of Carnation will say good-bye this month to Colleen McDermott and Mike Mitchell as City Councilmembers. These two members of our council have served this community with fairness, courage and honesty. They will be missed, but their efforts over the recent years will remain as a remembrance of their hard work.
   Colleen McDermott concludes four years on the City Council, the last two as Mayor Pro-Tem. Colleen's work included returning Cedarcrest Football to the Lower Valley. She was instrumental in developing a joint agreement between Riverview School District and the City of Carnation to renew the Howard Miller Field for school activities. She single-handedly obtained council support, school district support, and private funds to install the King-5 School-Net Weather System at Tolt Middle School.
   Mike Mitchell is stepping down after serving the City of Carnation for over 7 years. He spent two years on the City Planning Commission and over five years as City Councilman. As a lifetime resident of Carnation he has brought both history and experience as Planning Member to the council. Much of the current Comprehensive Plan has had the input of Mr. Mitchell. He is providing much input to the proposed wireless communication ordinance as well.
   We will miss their presence at Tuesday night Council meetings. Their opinions, ideas and concerns will, however, always be recognized by this council. The time and input they have given is very much appreciated by the citizens of this fine community.
   Jack Stein, Dave Shoemaker, Ron Chapin, Dave Hunter