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December 15, 1997

Local News

Gift suggestions for seniors

  Home Instead Senior Care, has developed a list of gift ideas for senior citizens.
   There are three important rules of thumb to follow. First, avoid adding to clutter in the home. Second, don't overwhelm the elderly with technology. And third, avoid clothing because most seniors already have more than they can wear.
   *Energy Gift Certificate: Call your local utility company and arrange for a gift certificate to cover a portion or a full month's utility bill.
   * Personalized Imprinted Stationery: Personalizing is popular with the elderly. Contact a local stationery store for a wide variety of design choices.
   * Flannel Bed Sheets: This is a smart„and safe„ alternative to an electric blanket.
   * Large Print Wall Calendar: The bigger the better and available at specialty card and gift stores.
   * Bird Feeder and Seed: Staying in touch with nature is healthy. Check out a broad selection of standard and contemporary feeders at local garden shops.
   * Walker-Tote: This useful item attaches to a walker with velcro strip. It's perfect for holding an elderly person's essentials. They are available through drug stores and medical equipment supply companies.
   * Framed Photo: Have a favorite photo of family members or a pet enlarged and framed.
   * Classic on Cassettes: Listening to a classic story is much easier and more enjoyable for the homebound than reading one. Audio tapes are available at chain bookstores.
   * Magnifying Strip: Reading made easy is both welcomed and appreciated year round. These visual enhancers are available at most drug and specialty gift stores.
   * Greeting Cards and Stamps: Buy a box of all occasion greeting cards at your local stationery stores. And, don't forget to enclose a book or two of stamps.
   * Pamper Paper: We don't mean diapers. Rather give an elderly person a gift certificate they wouldn't buy for themselves. Examples are: beauty shop, manicure and/or a licensed massage therapist.
   * Independence Day: Give an elderly person a morning, afternoon or day of assistance. Contact a company like Home Instead Senior Care to arrange services like companionship, light housework, meal preparation or errands.