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December 15, 1997

Local News

Rotary pledges to build playground at Wilmot


Photo courtesy John Hughes
     WOODINVILLE--Donations for the downtown Wilmot Gateway Park continue to pour in. Last week, Woodinville Rotary Club president Bill Gowin presented Mayor Bob Miller with checks totaling $34,000 representing the final installment of the club's $84,500 commitment to the park. But the Rotary isn't stopping at that. Gowin told the City Council that the club would continue to support the park by pledging between $35,000 and $40,000 for the construction of playground equipment as well as provide manpower to spearhead a weekend community construction project to erect the play facility. "A park just isn't a park unless it has a first-class play area," Gowin said. That portion of the park project had been cut when the city trimmed the park's budget to begin building in 1998.
   Woodinville Park's Director Lane Youngblood praised the Rotary's involvement."The saga of the Rotary taking a leadership role continues," she said. Jerry Wilmot, for who the park is named, was a Rotary member until his early passing. Members of the Rotary also raised $56,700 themselves or through their businesses. The Northshore Rotary is pledging $5,000. JIT Manufacturing and the Woodinville Towne Center merchants both contributed $1,000 apiece recently as well.