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December 15, 1997


Northshore students score

  On Nov. 22nd, the Overlake School at Redmond celebrated the "Math Olympiad." Kristen Thomas, a 10th grader at Overlake, was in charge of the organization of the competition. There were a total of 20 teams:
   Seven 5th grade teams, 3 from Emily Dickinson, 2 from Overlake and 2 from Woodmoor.
   Seven 6th grade teams, 2 from Hollywood Hill, 2 from Emily Dickinson, 1 from Overlake, 2 from Woodmoor.
   Three 7th grade teams, 2 from Overlake and 1 from Redmond.
   Three 8th grade teams, 1 from Redmond, 1 from Overlake, and 1 from Skyview.
   The overall winners were:
   5th grade, Woodmoor Elementary: Joshua Tom, Andrew Shin, Cullen Mackintosh, and Wayne Liou
   6th grade, Woodmoor Elementary: Niko Olsen, Joe Sespon, Lorrain Rusc
   7th grade, Overlake: Tim Abraldes, Christine Wong, Konrad Turski, and Nelson DeMeester
   8th Grade, Skyview: Colin Bayer, Theresa Eugenid and Eric Bol.