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December 15, 1997


Northshore Basketball Update

  By Madeline Moore and Russ Paris
   Coach Ron Bollinger and his Bothell Cougars want to go back to state again this year, and so far ,they are off to a good start. Eighth place winner in last year's state championship, the Cougars are now 2 and 0. Cougar big man Dan Sandrin helped put the last minute squeeze on Issaquah in overtime 56-54. Earlier efforts by Taylor Evans and Jason Shapiro brought the Cougars to overtime despite a 49-31 deficit with just 7 minutes left. Cougars beat Cedarcrest 77-64 in a non-league game. Pat Elvidge came up with 20 points, which included four 3-pointers. Jason Shapiro also had 20 points.
   Inglemoor Vikings beat Kent-Meridian 43-40 in a another non-league matchup. They turned around the next week and lost to Newport 56-54. Newport's Brian Caton delivered a buzzer " game-buster" basket at 10 feet.
   For the Woodinville Falcons' opening game against Puyallup, Falcon Nate Cole's unbelievable five 3-point shots and a strong Falcon defense failed to give the Falcons the edge. They lost 62-56. Last Tuesday's game against Newport found the Knights outscoring the Falcons in the first half and outscored in the second. Despite efforts by Jesse Barham, the Falcons fell to the Knights, 55-50.