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December 22, 1997


Employee Opinion Survey should be taken seriously

  (This is a copy of the letter read to the Fire Commissioners at last week's WFLSD meeting.)
   Commissioners of WFLSD:
   For the past two years the citizens and personnel of the Fire District have been told continually what an important tool the Employee Opinion Survey has been. It is in the minutes from numerous meetings of how the Board of Commissioners said they would not take the comments lightly, in fact, the Commissioners said they would take them very seriously and would definitely respond to the needs and requests of the district personnel.
   In 1996 Chief Davis was terminated, oh excuse me, forced to resign, due to the responses and requests of the district personnel in that survey. The comments and requests made in the 1997 survey regarding the commissioners and, in particular David Callon, are much more severe than those made of Chief Davis or any other issues made in previous surveys which you responded to. I expect that the Board of Commissioners would treat this issue no differently nor would they show any discrimination toward these comments and would demand the immediate resignation of Commissioner Callon as well, as each become accountable for your own actions which are also in question.
   The citizens, as well as obviously the personnel of this District, no longer are willing to sit by and take the unethical, immoral, and unprofessional behavior of Commissioners. As responsible Commissioners you need to take the appropriate actions that everyone is demanding, do not force the customers of this district to circulate petitions to do what you should do which will only damage each of you further.
   I also feel that it is important to make note that personnel is demanding the downtown station be built. Maybe it is time the Board of Commissioners recognize that your expertise is not in the safety and well being of not only the firefighters but the customers of this district and stay out of the day to day operations. Enough time has passed with no consideration of safety, so, now get on with what EVERYONE except you seems to know is a good decision and do what is needed. By the time you make a decision it will end up costing the taxpayers twice what it would have originally. Who knows, maybe in doing so you could mend some bridges with not only the citizens but also the City of Woodinville in the process.
   Mary Baum,