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December 22, 1997


CHS needs passage of bond

  Recently, the Riverview School District bond failed by a narrow margin. Here are reasons why the bond should pass the next time it runs:
   1) For the Kids. There were 2,972 students in the district on Oct. 1, 1997.
   2) More students would turn out for athletics; This is a positive for the student-athlete as well as our school and community.
   3) Give CHS students pride and a positive outlook for their school.
   4) CHS baseball and softball teams need at least two fields each to support their three and two teams, respectively.
   5) The only two-time individual state champion at CHS/THS was Jacob Predmore, a triple jumper, who had to travel to Redmond for daily practice because the Tolt facilities were inadequate.
   6) CHS is one of three area schools of our size or bigger without an all-weather track. The track and field team has to practice at Woodinville High to use a real track. why are we putting our athletes at a disadvantage?
   7) CHS has already lost a great PE teacher who was frustrated by the lack of facilities for his classes. He was a great advocate for physical fitness, weight lifting and all sports while he was here. How many other great teachers will CHS lose because of a lack of facilities?
   8) Physical education department is cramped. They need additional facilities to properly develop this program.
   9) Unrelated topics, like Senior Project, gym drinking fountains, class sizes, a perceived lack of middle school sports, etc., should not be a part of a discussion about a sports complex.
   R. Bruce McDowell,
   Cedar Crest High School teacher/coach