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December 22, 1997


Thanks to volunteers and visitors who made the Holiday Tree Lighting successful

  We hope many of you attended the 8th annual Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony in Fall City on Dec. 6th. This event is sponsored by the Fall City Days Committee, and even though it is a small event in comparison to Fall City Days, it still takes a lot of work and coordination amongst many volunteers. Bill Aggenbach and Brenda Carignan were very willing and able Co-Chairs in our absence, and we thank them for all their hard work, along with the other Fall City Days Committee members and their families.
   We would not have had a Tree Lighting Ceremony were it not for Laurie Hauglie, Dave Irons, Alan Minner and their helpers who strung the lights in the cherry trees, and put up the other decorations in town.
   Susan and Becky from Fall City Espresso donated not only their time and equipment, but also all their proceeds from their espresso cart for the afternoon. Gene and Carol Stevens from the Family Market donated coffee and cider, Judith from Candy Wrappers donated balloons, Able Spiffy Biffy donated a portable toilet, Ian Macrae lent hay and his office, and Mr. Garry gave assistance all day. Chris Davenport gave invaluable help and support. Many other community members helped, including Glen Gordon, Joe and Robbie Pekara, Sue Terbrueggen, Steve Olson, June Starkey and Harry Oka, as well as all the musical groups, choirs and Santa and Bakers who made the afternoon so special.
   We appreciate and thank each of you very much, and hope everyone had a fun afternoon either volunteering or visiting. For those who were unable to attend, pictures of the event have been posted on the new Fall City Community Association website at www.fallcity.org.
   Jennifer and Lee Alexander,
   Fall City