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December 22, 1997


The "Sight of Music" at Totem Lake.


   Bothell photographer Vince Gipson, continues his photo exhibit "The Sight of Music" through the end of December. Musician's Friend, located in Kirkland at 12608 120th Ave N.E. in upper Totem Lake Mall, is hosting this rare photo exhibit featuring 36 full-color live concert photographs by one of the most prolific rock & roll and celebrity photographers in the Northwest today.
   Vince has photographed everyone from Soundgarden to Captain Kangaroo, and when asked about his favorite photo shoot, it was "former President Jimmy Carter, I was the only person from the press allowed to photograph him in a closed session. He recently photographed millionaire Donald Trump for The Spud Goodman Show. "Donald was available to the press for only 3 minutes, and in that time he signed books, did a television interview and had a personal photo session with me," says Vince. "It all went by pretty fast." Having photographed over 100 bands and celebrities in 1997, Vince's work is featured on numerous CD covers, publicity photos and in national music publications.
   This free photo exhibit featuring some of Vince's best work, has been attended by several hundred people since it opened in early December, "which is just amazing, considering that it's being held at a music store instead of a traditional art gallery," according to Jim Kehoe, store manager at Musician's Friend in Kirkland. "Our other new store in Southcenter can't wait to get their hands on it in January."
   Soundgarden, Super Deluxe and Sky Cries Mary are just a few of the bands included in the exhibit along with Northwest celebrities Spud Goodman and Bill Bored. For more information, call (425) 487-0308.