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December 22, 1997


Bothell couple brings holiday cheer to students

  This is just one of the field trips the special needs students throughout the Northshore School District make during the school year courtesy of the Shandorfs.

My Christmas Recollections - The Redmond I remember

  I have fond memories of many old time people who lived in the Redmond area. Yes, such kind folks with Scandinavian names such as Peterson, Johnson, Nelson and such. They mostly lived in 1920' and '30s houses built close together to allow visiting between families.

Woodinville student is semi-finalist in McDonalds' invention contest

  Kaelin Richards, a student in Ann Swain's sixth grade class at Woodin Elementary, is a semi-finalist in the "McDonalds Presents the 1997 Flubber Awards: An Invention Contest for Kids." Richards' invention, the Spill Stopper, a cup rim designed to prevent spills, was selected from thousands of entries.

Consumer activist continues crusade

  "....medical consumers have little recourse with wrong-doing and that the system's set up to protect the medical establishment."