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December 22, 1997


My Christmas Recollections - The Redmond I remember

  by Oscar Roloff
   Thirty some years ago journalistically and photographically, I began covering the Eastside communities. Today I hark back. In particular, I have fond memories of many old time people who then lived in the Redmond area. Yes, such kind folks with Scandinavian names such as Peterson, Johnson, Nelson and such. They mostly lived in 1920' and '30s houses built close together to allow visiting between families. Gradually I got to know them all. Always invited in for a chat, with coffee and cake. I'd write them up for various newspapers, always praising their honesty and kindness to all.
   Their early day forebears came to the area to engage in logging. Hard workers they were. Their offspring and their children always found work. By the time I arrived, their forebears were gone, so I wrote about the offspring. They were a pleasant, hard-working breed. They had no government to supply aid or food. Never heard of it. Too proud anyhow. Work was plentiful. While on my writing forays, I'd saunter up and down the few city blocks and wave to them. Mostly they'd wave for me to come in. Pleasant and happy days among my kind of people.
   Such sights in Redmond. Along the main street there was a blacksmith building. Not even a sidewalk between the building's front and the main road, but not before I'd taken photos and written a story about that yesteryear sight. Today I have no photos nor articles of it. I'm sorry but I forgot the owner's name. Was it Agnew?
   Sadly I must admit that today I have no articles nor photos of the countless articles I'd written about "my" Redmond people. Normally I'd never ask the editors to return them. Had too many people to interview and no time to return and ask for my negatives and copies of the articles. That I'm very sad to admit. A great loss to me. I hope "my" people kept their copies of my features to hand down to young offspring.
   Today I can't find "my" Redmond. It's all gone, including their houses. I walk for nothing. How sad. None the less, on this Christmas Day of 1997 I still have fond memories of these kind people. Change will continue, but memories will remain forever. Those Scandinavians, whose Norsemen sailors came to this country in years gone via long boats a'rowing and a'sailing, remain my kind of people In conclusion however, when I returned to "my" Duvall that I'd known 30 years ago, it was still there. All 3 blocks of old Duvall. Was I happy, pleased! "My" Carnation is also still the same.