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December 22, 1997

Local News

TRF streets may be named rather than numbered

  by Andrew Walgamott
   WOODINVILLE--The City Council may soon take action on a Woodinville Historical Society proposal to name a pair of streets the downtown shopping complex has created. Under an ordinance that Public Works Director Ron Cameron said he will submit in January, the streets inside the TRF project known as N.E. 178th St. and 138th Ave. N.E., would be named N.E. Mill Place and Garden Way N.E. respectively. Mill Place would connect the Woodinville-Snohomish Rd. with 140th Ave. N.E. while Garden Way would link 140th with N.E. 175th St. Councilmembers supported the proposal. "I like this. I'll meet you at the corner of Garden and Mill has a nice ring to it," Deputy Mayor Don Brocha said.
   The idea is a melding of input from the Woodinville Historical Society and Cameron. Phyllis Keller, president of the society, had proposed the names Mill Street and Garden Avenue. But Cameron, with an eye on King County road standards, suggested using Place and Way instead. Places and ways are used for diagonal streets, he said, while streets and Avenues are for north-south and east-west roads. The tag Northeast would be added as well, as all local roads are so designated.
   The proposed names are of historical significance locally. Keller said the word "mill" is reminiscent of the many sawmills that operated in the area at the beginning of the century, including the Ruel Brothers Shingle Mill at Lake Leota, Machias Mill, Getchells Mill and Saginaw Mill, the latter three where McCorry's stands today. Garden is reflective of a parcel platted as Woodinville Gardens in 1913 where TRF is now. Garden Way may also extend south across N.E. 175th St. past Molbaks. TRF president Bob Parks said he liked the idea as well. "It's sort of in keeping with the architectural look of the design criteria," the Northwest woodlands character, he said.
   The historical society is also proposing to rename a number of other streets in town which are known by different street numbers in different stretches. For instance, N.E. 177th Pl/139th Ave. N.E. west of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks downtown would be renamed Grace Boulevard. But that is a long-term proposition, Cameron said, requiring input from the fire district, Chamber of Commerce, police and citizens.