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December 29, 1997


Recently, the Riverview School District Sports Complex Bond failed by a narrow margin. Here are reasons on why the bond should pass the next time that it is run:

* For the kids. There were 2,972 students in the district on Oct. 1, 1997.
   * Valley club soccer, summer baseball and summer softball teams need fields to practice and play on.
   * Cedarcrest would have been completed if the original bond had passed. It is time for the school to be finished.
   * Provide for the future. We cannot change the past.
   * Tennis is a sport for the general public. Not all tennis players can afford to belong to tennis clubs.
   * Like it or not, taxes are a function of being part of a society.
   * This is a facility for the district, not just CHS. This is a facility for the Valley community, not just Duvall.
   * Astroturf makes economic sense for the district because of heavy use needs. Don't the taxpayers want the district to be as economically fiscal as possible?
   * What is wrong with the district receiving an $80,000 grant? Doesn't it make sense to use money that does not require more taxes?
   * Even if the stadium bleacher roof is optional, that's okay. It seems that the Bellevue and Redmond schools don't need roofs. Couldn't we put that money to better use?
   Linda Bjornsen, CHS Secretary,
   Tolt Graduate 1968,