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December 29, 1997


Computer Game Review


by Rick Brewster
   Myth: The Fallen Lords
   Myth is a strategy game with an emphasis on combat. By that I mean that there is no resource gathering or unit construction so you start out with whatever fighters you will need for each battle. It's played from a 3/4 view which allows you to move and pivot the camera to just about any angle. Each level is made up of hills, valleys, pits, bridges, rivers, ancient ruins and craters providing a realistic setting for ... slaughtering the enemy.
   And slaughter the enemy you will! Victory comes as no easy prize. Myth forces you to look at things from a tactical perspective instead of the usual "If one of my archer's die I'll just make another with one of my Archer-Factories." Every unit is valuable and has it's own specific uses. Dwarves are short and slow, but throw explosive bombs great distances while the Knights are more up close and personal but easily fall prey to distant Archers. They in turn need to keep their distance from the enemy as well.
   Internet multiplayer action is accessible through the free "bungie.net" server. Like Blizzard's battle.net introduced with Diablo, bungie.net let's you form games and duke it out with real people all over the world. Multiplayer battles in Myth are over with quickly in five to ten minutes so you won't need to worry about committing yourself for a long period of time.
   No review of Myth would be complete without mentioning the excellent graphics. The rolling terrain looks excellent with or without a 3Dfx, and some of the special effects are ingenious. One of the enemies attacks is to blow itself up, taking with it the surroundings and your troops. When it blows up, the surrounding earth is shaken up and down in a rippling effect.
   Special Note: SinceMyst has become available, several patches have been placed on the Internet by Bungie. Currently you can upgrade to Version 1.1 Beta 6, which adds support for Rendition 3D accelerators and the ability to zoom out further, as well as other, miscellaneous bug fixes. Be sure to grab it.
   Created by: Bungie (www.bungie.com)
   Publisher: Bungie
   Category: Real-time Strategy
   Price: $45
   System Requirements: Pentium; 16MB RAM; Win95; 4X CD-ROM; 35MB Hard drive space
   Reccomended System: Pentium 166; 32MB RAM; 3Dfx or Rendition based 3D accelerator; 345MB Hard drive space
   Highs: lushous 3D battlegrounds; controls are easy to master; great "just one more try" addiction
   Lows: some unit selection and commanding quirks; no music;
   Bottom Line: Quirks aside, Myth provides a fun, brain racking and lushious looking gaming experience.
   Content Rating: R for extreme animated violence, blood and gore
   Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars