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December 29, 1997


Don't let your old stumps stump you


by Oscar Roloff
     While working out in Mother Nature's woods to hopefully survive my malady, I noted a number of old stumps in various stages of disarray. Around 1900 loggers arrived to cut down countless trees to use for building purposes. They'd notch their spring boards, stand on them and saw away.
   Stopping to view 13 of the remaining stumps, I came up with the plan to make flower planters out of them. Called for work to cut down the tall vines and scrub trees clinging so unsightly. Pick and shovel and toil were my tools. When ended, I planted trilliums and other flowers around each stump, separated by small logs. Come spring the flowers will peek up, look at the sun's rays and soon come out in full bloom and glory for all to admire. Thus don't downgrade the beauty of an old stump and what one can do with them.
   Good grief! Thirteen stumps. I'm superstitious about that number. Got to find another stump. Oh yes, there's one on the neighbor's property. Just a few feet over the line. I'll get a block and tackle and pull it over the line.