April 13, 1998


In appreciation of firefighters who give 100%

  I am writing this letter as a resident of the Carnation/Duvall area, not as a firefighter's wife and certainly not as someone who has exact knowledge of the staffing levels, hiring of a new chief or how the board of commissioners may or may not make their decisions. So, with that said, it is my opinion, as a resident of this valley for 30 plus years, that if there was a problem with how our volunteers respond to and take care of our citizens, I would think that more people in this valley would have complained about that level of care before now. So far, all of the complaining seems to be coming from within the department.
   Our family has had to rely on the volunteer staff of Fire District 45 several times in the past 2 years. It was the volunteer staff who responded to our son's bicycle accident last March and it was the volunteer staff who kept him alive until he could get to Harborview. Because of them, Justin was able to help 2 people with organ donations.
   Whether this department hires a chief from inside or outside the department makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that the whole idea of why our volunteers originally joined the department has been forgotten or severely overlooked. When my husband joined 5 years ago, he joined for one reason, to help and contribute to the community where he grew up. He stays on the department to try to give to others what has been given to us.
   It is a volunteer staff that can be relied upon to give 100% of what they have and do their absolute best no matter how personally involved they may be with the call. I feel very comfortable knowing that when I call 911 I am going to get a crew that is there for me, not because they are being paid to be there but because they want to and they care.
   Tammi Daniels, Duvall