April 13, 1998


It might already be too late in the Valley for a wake-up call

  I read with great interest the Woodinville Weekly article on I-605. Maybe, just maybe, your story might be the wake-up call the Valley needs. Hopefully people will join together and do something before it's too late.
   But wait, it's already too late. Years ago I wrote and warned the population about what was coming. Did anybody say or do anything? No, I'm too busy waxing my BMW. Now we have the Novelity Hill project going in. The Duvall population has doubled. Now we can expect a Safeway, a McDonalds, countless new strip malls, condos and tract housing in Duvall alone.
   Well, people, I hate to tell you once again, but I told you so. In a few short years, Duvall, Carnation and all the other towns are going to turn into big cities, with all that neat population, crime, congestion, noise, pollution. So, say goodbye to your farms, your forests, YOUR way of life. Hope you like the color of concrete.
   I didn't move out here 10 years ago just to wind up back where I started. Does anyone remember what Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville looked like 10 or15 years ago? Take a look now. Our Valley is going to be just like them in a short period. So I don't want to hear anybody complaining in 3 years from now about how long it takes to get home or to work because it's your fault.
   Todd Bailey, Duvall