April 13, 1998


So Much for Arbor Day

  It's so nice to see our earth-friendly public officials bending over backwards to plant a few trees and then smiling for the photo-ops. Meanwhile, back at the office, these same folks will not or cannot do anything to stop the likes of Weyerhaeuser/Quadrant of Port Blakely Communities from wreaking havoc on thousands of acres on Novelty/Union Hill.
   By April 29, the Department of Natural Resources is due to make a decision on an application for clearcutting of 600 acres of land converting forest to high density urban development in the rural area between Duvall and Redmond. This cut would strip 750 thousand board feet of timber from this sensitive area. Not even one tree per acre would be left standing after the "harvest."
   As a measure of their concern for this earth, let's see the bureaucrats and Weyerhaeuser's officers and Board of Directors at their annual meeting April 16th, intervene to make this type of draconian devlopment a thing of the past. Then we'd really have something to celebrate on Arbor Day.
   Mary O'Farrel, Redmond