April 13, 1998


Who is being honest and playing on the square?

  Tom Stewart, noted champion of the conservative causes, has been blackmailed into pleading guilty for illegally trying to influence local elections. He has been prosecuted by the US attorney and fined an exorbitant amount of money personally. Besides the fact that Mr. Stewart has lost millions of dollars in contracts with the federal government, his company and some of his key employees hae also been fined way too much money. Further, our own attorney general, Ms. Gregoire has jumped on the bandwagon and continued to berate Mr. Stewart.
   For comparison, I believe Ms. Gregoire should look at the feeble amount she fined the Washington Education Association (WEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). In my opinion she showed who butters her bread. It seems, even to the most casual observer, that unions own our attorney general. It is no wonder the electorate are so disenchanted with politics.
   I would like to see the US attorney prosecute both the NEA and the WEA under the Ricoh Conspiracy Act. It has been shown buy the Evergreen Freedom Foundation that both the NEA and the WEA have conspired for years to control elections in our state. It is time that these assoications are forced to dissolve and the corrupt officials put in jail for their crimes. These associations have spent other people's money for too many years; they must be stopped. Gregoire does not have the political will, therefore she must resign. Neither does the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). The PDC should be re-named the Pandering Democrats Committee.
   In the past, the federal government broke up monopolies; the WEA and the NEA are monopolies and likewise must be busted up as soon as possible. I am publicly challenging the local US attorney to start this action tomorrow. In summary Mr. Stewart's "crime" pales by comparison. Further, we must remember that Mr. Stewart spent his own dollars not teachers' hard earned dollars. If Mr. Stewart is guilty, then the NEA and the WEA are 100 times more guilty and should be punished.
   Mr. Jerry Guite, Des Moines, WA