April 13, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial--Connect to the world at your library

 Less than 50 percent of American homes own a computer, yet according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, more than 60 percent of new jobs by the year 2000 will require computing and information networking skills.

In appreciation of firefighters who give 100%

 It was the volunteer staff who responded to our son's bicycle accident last March and it was the volunteer staff who kept him alive until he could get to Harborview.

There are two sides to the Ritalin controversy

 Anyone who dealt with our son before and after he began taking Ritalin would attest to the fact that it has had nothing but a positive impact on his life.

ASL Concert helps deaf families

 The Parent Infant Program is a non-profit organization that helps parents communicate with their young deaf children.

It might already be too late in the Valley for a wake-up call

 So, say goodbye to your farms, your forests, YOUR way of life. Hope you like the color of concrete.

So Much for Arbor Day

 By April 29, the Department of Natural Resources is due to make a decision on an application for clearcutting of 600 acres of land converting forest to high density urban development in the rural area between Duvall and Redmond.

Who is being honest and playing on the square?

 It seems, even to the most casual observer, that unions own our attorney general.

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