April 13, 1998


'Great Seattle Fire' to Air


photo courtesy of Linda McCune

The works and accomplishments of Don McCune are being kept alive by his wife, Linda.

  KOMO TV will rebroadcast the "The Great Seattle Fire" April 19 at 2:30 p.m. Written and narrated by Don McCune, it was produced in 1960. However, it was filmed in black and white and in a format that was not broadcastable today. The show has been restored by McCune's widow, Linda, as part of her efforts to preserve and make available her husband's works. Many viewers will remember McCune as "Captain Puget."
   "The Great Seattle Fire" tells the story of the complete destruction of Seattle's business district on June 6, 1889 by a fire that started in a cabinet shop. In the show, Don McCune interviews a woman who was nine years old when she stood atop Queen Anne Hill and saw the fire start in downtown Seattle. McCune also speaks with a man who ran the reservoir pump house who explains why there was a lack of water to extinguish the flames. The man was 95 years old at the time of the interview, in 1960.