April 13, 1998


Administrators on the move

  The Northshore School District has announced the following administrative moves and changes. Last spring, the District announced several one-year interim administrative changes for the 1997-98 school year. The administrators who are reassigned have the option of returning to their former positions or being considered for other administrative positions.
   Administrative assignments that have been finalized for 1998-99 include:
   * Executive Director of Personnel: Laurie Ferwerda, currently interim Executive Director
   * Canyon Park Junior High Principal: Glen Bowser, currently interim principal
   * Kokanee Elementary Principal: Ed Young, formerly principal of Kokanee but spending this school year as interim Director of Personnel
   * Frank Love Elementary Principal: Greg ,Waddle, currently interim principal at Kokanee
   Three elementary principals have announced their upcoming retirements:
   * Gretchen Evans, principal at Sunrise Elementary; with Northshore since April 1975; a principal since 1987; principal at Sunrise since 1989.
   * Jeanne Lundgren, principal at Frank Love Elementary; a principal in Northshore since 1987; principal at Frank Love since 1991.
   * Eileen Peterson, principal of Crystal Springs Elementary since 1991.
   A representative group of staff, parents, and students from schools with principal openings will be asked to share their school's priorities regarding principal characteristics. This information will be used to help determine the best person to fill the vacancy. Current Northshore principals interested in these positions will have a chance to apply. If a good match between the candidate's strengths and the school's needs is not met, candidates from outside the district will be considered.