April 13, 1998


Tolt takes first place at Knowledge Bowl

  On Feb. 28, six students from Tolt Middle School competed at the 1998 Knowledge Bowl held at Keithley Middle School, located near Tacoma. The Tolt team included captain Jenny Phelan, Kenny Dorning, Billy Filer, Keegan Grady, Jonathon Oakes and Josh Rhodes. Mrs. Ruth Cruz and Mr. Brad Ables were coaches for the team. The Tolt team challenged teams from 10 surrounding schools, including Keithley, Surprise Lake, Snoqualmie, Yelm, Enumclaw, Woodbrook, Ford and three other schools.
   The Knowledge Bowl tournament began at 8:30 a.m. Each team played ten 20-minute rounds. The object was to ring in first, and then answer the question correctly during the 15 seconds granted. A wide range of topics was utilized for the questions. Some categories covered were geography, spelling, math, history and mythology. The winner was determined by adding up all the correct answers given by each team in 10 rounds. Tolt won seven of their 10 rounds.
   Although Tolt lost in three rounds, their scores were extremely close to those winners. When the final calculations were complete, Tolt Middle School had the highest overall score, making the team the winner of the Knowledge Bowl Tournament. Second place went to Keithley and third to Snoqualmie. Great sportsmanship was displayed by all teams in the tournament.