April 20, 1998


Study should be done before building starts

This is in response to your article in the April 6 issue of the Valley View concerning the Rita's Homestead development and the City Council's concern for rapid growth in Duvall. Of greater concern than the 32 homesites mentioned in the plateau area of Duvall is the Duvall Comprehensive Plan which calls for 242 high density units, zoned R-8, to be built in a 38 acre area surrounding the intersection of 150th Street and 278th Avenue. In addition, the 41 planned R-3 units of Taylor Heights will result in a total of 283 new units feeding traffic into the intersection. This is in addition to the existing traffic from Taylor's Ridge, Cameron Park, Legacy Ridge and Cedarcrest High School and increased traffic once Taylor's Ridge, Legacy Ridge and Chardonnay Place are completely build-out. Aside from the questionable issue of locating so many R-8 units immediately next to existing R-3 units, is the issue of traffic density on the only arterial from the plateau into the main part of town.
   In addition, the recent resurfacing and widening of 150th Street has resulted in the same bottleneck at the approach to 275th Avenue where the road narrows to its original width. Even more development is planned surrounding this intersection, with the potential of producing gridlock throughout this area.
   I believe the City of Duvall needs to reconsider the Comprehensive Plan and its traffic density implications in this area for citizens, emergency services and school buses servicing Cedarcrest High School. This study needs to be done now, not after the building starts.
   Jim Carroll, Duvall