April 20, 1998


Oscar Roloff is a treasure

I wonder if Oscar Roloff realizes how many people really treasure his weekly piece. I for one always turn first to his column, to hear a bit of history, or a funny story, or something about a local character or interesting place. Whenever I see something unusual around here, whether it be an old building in an odd place, or a metal statue of a giant cow, I know that it will remain a mystery only until Oscar investigates and writes about it.
   For those of us who were not yet born at the time he served his country, his accounts of his experiences and the experiences of others in the military during the war really helps us to understand the way the world used to be, and what burdens were placed on the men back then. I want him to know that his writing has enriched my life very much over the years, and I thank Oscar Roloff from the bottom of my heart for the treasures he has shared.
   Tami Bernstein, Duvall