April 20, 1998

Local News

National Grange Week

  National Grange Week will be celebrated April 19-25. In addition, Sammamish Valley Grange is celebrating their 89th year as a grange in the Sammamish Valley. They were chartered in 1909 in Bothell. Woodinville Grange was chartered in 1916 and in 1922 the two merged and became Sammamish Valley Grange. They finally purchased the Hollywood School House in 1939, and later, after selling it, built their present hall on the north end of the property.
   Sammamish Valley Grange is community oriented. Their hall is used by Medic One, Welcome Wagon, Evergreen Cleaners, three square dance clubs, karate classes, 4-H awards banquets, sign-ups for little league, soccer team rummage sales, as availability allows. At present, grange members, along with volunteers from the community, are involved with the "ugly" quilt project for homeless people. There are future quilt workshops set for May 9, 16, 23 at 9 a.m.
   The Sammamish Grange will be remembering the accomplishments and history of the national grange this week including the creation of free rural mail delivery in the 1880's, the. passage of the Sherman-Anti-Trust Act, the building of the Grand Coulee Dam and Columbia River Basin irrigation system: and the passage of other legislation important to agriculture and good government. The Washington State Grange spearheaded the legislation for the right of recall, referendum, and initiative.