April 20, 1998

Local News

On the Road with Carol--Test Drive, Pontiac Trans Sport SE


Pontiac Trans Sport SE

* Extended 2/DR
   * 3.4 liter V6
   * 4-Speed Transmission
   * 4-Wheel, Anti-Lock Brakes

   City MPG = 18
   Hwy MPG = 25
   Cost with Option 1SD Group = $28,745
   It was easy to spot our 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport in the sea of vehicles on a recent shopping trip. Standing out with a top rack, easy aerodynamic lines and a teal metallic color with a tan cladding exterior, the Trans Sport is distinctive. This versatile minivan has a sport utility look and feel. The dual sliding doors make it easy to load, especially with the power door on the passenger side. The back hatch opens to a height that allows you to keep out of the rain when you are loading or unloading. Added features such as the Option Group 1SD - tint window, remote keyless entry, power windows, power rear quarter windows, visor mirrors, overhead console, power drive, seat and luggage rack - increase the ease and comfort.
   Our test vehicle had seating for eight. We could have removed seats but didn't and still had room for all our gear. The front bucket seats are comfortable, adjustable and have fold down arm rests. The rear seats are all removable or will collapse and come forward to allow passenger entry or loading. The automatic load leveling is nice - a pneumatic system which adjusts for weight and also features an auxiliary inflator.
   The 3.4 liter 3400 SFI V6 engine has 180 horsepower and 205 lb. ft. of torque. There is no problem with power. It has a solid road feel. The 4-speed automatic transmission is standard. The instrument panel is easy to read. Two power outlets allow for choices.
   There are many storage areas available in the Trans Sport. A removable bin in the lower console holds CD's , tapes, coins or other items that can be locked in the glove box or taken indoors. The overhead console holds your garage door opener and sunglasses.
   The sound system is complete with AM/FM, tape deck and CD player with an equalizer. The new rear-seat audio is a nice feature. It allows rear passengers to plug in headphones and listen to something different from those in front.
   Especially interesting is the overlapping pattern of the front windshield wipers which quickly clear the rain, as does the rear window wiper. Safety features include two sets of airbags for the driver and front passenger seats - front and side. The five-spoke aluminum wheels are a new feature. The ABS and traction control are standard.