April 20, 1998


Valley Business

   New classes at Fit Happens!
   New classes, instructed by local massage therapist and personal trainer Bunny Cornwall, are being offered at the Fit Happens! Studio in Duvall. Tuesday's class starts at 7 a.m. and is a one-hour TAG class, focusing on toning, tightening and srengthening thighs, abs and glutes. Thursdays class, also at 7 a.m., is a Blast Off class, a great complement to a cardiovascular workout. This class focuses on proper form and techinques using hand held weights for a total body workout. Both classes last one hour. The first class is free. Call 425-844-2300.
   Riverview Schools Committee meeting
   Riverview Schools Committee will be meeting Thursday, Apr. 23, 7 p.m. in the Riverview District Board Room to discuss technology and athletic facilities for the schools.
   Small business accounting service in Duvall
   Sno-Valley Bookkeepingin Duvall offers affordable accounting for small businesses. Owner Shanna Clothier says organization is her specialty. She offers 10 years of experience and is a member of the Duvall Chamber of Commerce. Call 425-844-8027.