April 27, 1998


Newest vacancy brings sadness; more will follow

  As those of us are witnessing the growth of Woodinville, we are also witnessing vacancies popping up throughout town. The latest and certainly not the last vacancy brings me and many of us sadness and fear, because we are watching as big business comes in and takes away the business of the "little guy" who gives us the personal touch. I am talking about Critics Choice Video Store. This is a business in our community that went out of its way to cater to our needs. Everyone who has worked there has always been helpful, informative, friendly and even taken the time to make each customer feel as though he or she was valued.
   I guess the saying goes "Hey, it's the sign of the times" but I think it's sad to see our small stores that have taken an interest in us having to close their doors while we watch the big guys move in. It may be time to say "Goodbye" to Critics Choice, but let's take that time to say "Thanks" to them and let them know they have been an asset to Woodinville and will be missed by all who have gone through their door.
   Wendy Tabb, Woodinville