April 27, 1998


As area grows more firefighters/EMT's are needed

  Citizens of Duvall, people along Big Rock, Kelly and Cherry Valley Road, Lake Margaret and Lake Marcell, have you seen the "Volunteers Needed" signs in front of the Fire Stations of King County Fire District 45? I want to alert you to a real need that we need more volunteer firefighter/EMT's. The City of Duvall and the surrounding area is evolving from a rural community to a bedroom community with a majority of the people commuting out of the area to work. Just a few years ago, the fire department was made up of local residents who lived and worked in the area. I have seen this change as we now have a paid staff during normal business hours since most of the volunteers are not around during the day. In addition, our volunteer ranks are shrinking to a low level. We have seen a 25% drop in membership over the past five years.
   When I see 17 people apply for a city council seat, I feel there is interest in our community. You can pick up an application during normal business hours or call to have one mailed to you. We are currently looking to put together a new recruit class. I realize there is a time commitment, but don't be intimidated. This a very positive and rewarding way to help your neighbors and you will also meet a great group of friends. If you have any questions talk to your neighborhood volunteer, or call the main fire station in Duvall day or night at 788-1625. It's your department and your community.
   Greg Garland, Volunteer Lieutenant