April 27, 1998


Smile and have a good day

  There have been many letters written regarding the amount of traffic going through our town, with more traffic coming. That is a given. We might as well accept it. This letter is written to the nice drivers who will let you in line or let you cross their lane of traffic.
   There are many of those drivers. Then we have the drivers who CANNOT take a tiny second from their busy schedule to give you a high-sign thank-you when you were kind enough to let them cross your lane or get in front of you. That really isn't asking a lot.
   We all have busy schedules; some are busier than others. We all like to be given just a little thank-you when we take time to let you cut in front of us.
   Drivers, think about this the next time you are waiting to join the line of traffic and some nice driver lets you in. Wouldn't a little thank-you be nice? That isn't going to make the trip through town easier. You are still going to be waiting with the rest of us, but you don't have to be rude just because there is a lot of traffic. Smile and have a good day!
   Sharon Marshall, Woodinville