April 27, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial--Teach children respect, not rage

 We scurry around with our over-committed schedules and too often dispense with civility in our attempt to save time. We cut one another off in traffic. We bump into one another on the street. We pursue our personal and business agendas without the slightest regard for other people. Our children see that we care little for our fellow Americans.

Newest vacancy brings sadness; more will follow

 The latest and certainly not the last vacancy brings me and many of us sadness and fear, because we are watching as big business comes in and takes away the business of the "little guy" who gives us the personal touch.

As area grows more firefighters/EMT's are needed

 The City of Duvall and the surrounding area is evolving from a rural community to a bedroom community with a majority of the people commuting out of the area to work. Just a few years ago, the fire department was made up of local residents who lived and worked in the area. I have seen this change as we now have a paid staff during normal business hours since most of the volunteers are not around during the day.

Are religion and liberty consistent and compatible?

 "Human experience has taught us that prosperous life should hinge on three pillars: religiosity, liberty and justice."

Those who complain about favoritism are right

 In the beginning I applauded the concept of cluster development with preserved open space as an option that would provide free open space and cheaper development costs. Since those naive days I've watched small property owners adjoining the MPDs being down-zoned to one home per five acres while the MPDs get not only bonus residential densities but also business and commercial zoning.

Have engineers done their homework?

 Engineers that are doing the rebuilding project next year stated that the closure of the Novelty Hill Bridge would not impact the traffic in the area. All I can say is that they obviously do not live in this area, and they are completely clueless about the traffic situation around here.

Smile and have a good day

 Drivers, think about this the next time you are waiting to join the line of traffic and some nice driver lets you in. Wouldn't a little thank-you be nice?

Ode to Hope for Novelty Hill

   There once was a county named King.
   Where a politician's oath means nothing.
   Following the example of L.A., With developers they play,
   Bringing destruction where birds used to sing. There is more. Check it out.

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