April 27, 1998


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When our goodness illuminates

   by Oscar Roloff

   At Juanita's Totem Lake Shopping Center there is a lake where often wild geese gather. The other day I saw the best in America.
   Here it is:
   Two geese were having extreme difficulty trying to cross the busy four lane street. The lights meant nothing to them. As the slow pair attempted to cross, all vehicle traffic came to a dead halt. Nothing moved. The directional lights went red, green, red. Meant nothing to the drivers nor to the bewildered geese. All of us braked and smiled, felt proud that we had the decency to come to the aid of the distressed geese that wandered here and there in the wide road, bewildered. As I looked around I saw a smile on the face of every car occupant. Had one car honker pushed on the button, he would have been cussed and discussed as unAmerican. It made the day for all of us as they at long last safely crossed over.
   Two days earlier I'd been there as I saw the pair safely come back over to the pond and their hidden nest. Naturally all traffic stopped. There again I saw the best of America. Good people. I hope it never changes. I'd be very sad had such a thing not happened. The two incidents highlight my kind of people, the one's I like to herald in newspapers. Makes me happy.