April 27, 1998

Local News

Police beat

  by Andrew Walgamott

   Downtown Woodinville
   * A 30-year-old Woodinville man is accused of taking indecent liberties with a clerk working alone at Video Factory in the 17300 block of 140th Ave. N.E. April 19. According to the victim, the man led her into the adult movie section of the store and gave her a bear hug from behind. She slipped away but he gave her a second hug, this time touching her derriere. The suspect also told her "I like you" and promised to return to the store.
   * A 15-year-old Woodinville boy was booked into King County Youth Service Center for allegedly shutting a kitten inside a refrigerator at a Sunridge condominium April 20. The cat apparently jumped into the cooler while the suspect had it open, but was trapped inside when he shut the door and ate dinner. The cat was inside for two or three minutes. The boy didn't realize it could suffocate.
   Woodinville Heights
   * Somebody broke into a 1985 VW Jetta and stole $3,000 worth of stereo equipment and assorted CD's April 13. The vehicle was parked on the road in front of the victim's residence in the 17800 block of 149th Ave. N.E. Entry was made initially through a wing window.
   Wellington Hills
   * An unknown suspect has repeatedly attacked a 1985 Toyota parked at a residence in the 19300 block of 156th Ave. N.E. On April 7, a stereo face plate was removed from the vehicle; the next day, the vehicle's alarm went off after the driver's side window was forced down; on April 13, the alarm went off again after the window was again tampered with.
   * A homeowner interrupted a dozen male and females toilet-papering her home in the 18200 block of 159th Ave. N.E. at about 12:30 a.m. April 15. The next morning the victim's daughter discovered clothing and CD's missing from her car. A 20-foot tall evergreen tree on the premises was cut down as well.
   * Piles of opened mail were found in a wooded residential area in the 15900 block of 126th Ave. N.E. April 17 by a homeowner. Police were able to deliver some mail to postal patrons.