April 27, 1998

Local News

Sims asks for Woodinview proposals

  by Woodinville Weekly staff

   WOODINVILLE--King County Executive Ron Sims last week asked for proposals to build the Woodinview affordable housing development in Woodinville. Builders will construct a mixed-income neighborhood of about 160 units on half of a 22-acre parcel in 14400 block of N.E. North Woodinville Way. They will follow a master plan and design guidelines created by King County, Woodinville, a Regional Coalition for Housing and consultants.
   According to Betsy Czark, a county housing planner, the proposals should address the entire site, develop three types of housing, and meet design objectives, one of which includes building a central park. "We're looking for creative proposals that address these basic development requirements," Czark said. Developers will build about an equal number of for-sale town homes, and family and senior rental housing at Woodinview. "It's an exciting opportunity to create a vibrant, mixed-income development in Woodinville," she said. The project will also help the city meet county-mandated affordable housing goals
   Eligible applicants are for-profit entities, non-profit organizations or teams of the two. Proposals must be submitted to King County Housing and Community Development by July 14. A committee will then review and recommend a proposal to Sims who will endorse the plan. The winning developers will purchase the site for approximately $1.7 million, according to Czark. The county originally bought the parcel for use as a transfer station in 1980.
   Construction will begin on some units in 1999, Czark said. Sims also announced last week the acceptance of four proposals to build four single family homes in southwestern King County. "Having housing that our residents can afford is essential to keeping our economy strong," Sims said. "These are some of the steps we are taking to improve the housing picture for working people and their families."