April 27, 1998

Local News

Women honored at college luncheon


Ina Knutsen

  by Michelle Liu

   Ina Knutsen grew up during a time when a woman's place was in the home. But, because of the courage and dreams of Knutsen and many other women like her, the Women's Center and Shoreline Community College Foundation were able to host the "Women's History Luncheon and Celebration" April 17. Knutsen, Gloria Swisher and Margaret Svev were honored during an award ceremony recognizing their role in Shoreline Community College's growth.
   Knutsen by no means could be described as the typical woman of her day. She worked as a teacher, raised seven children and helped her husband operate Bill's Dairy in Bothell. Knutsen served on the school board for 14 years because she thought the board needed a woman's viewpoint. She was also on the Planning Board for Community Colleges until 1967. In that year she was appointed to the first board at Shoreline Community College where she served for almost 20 years.
   In 1978 Knutsen heard that Florida had programs and centers for women. She became determined to bring a similar program to Washington. So, Knutsen attended a State Trustee's Meeting in 1980 and returned as the president of the state association. Currently, Knutsen volunteers at the Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland. She is still informed about community college issues and said she "feels privileged to have had the opportunity to grow with the community college system for all people and diverse programs."